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About the Author

Growing up on a farm, in northern Wisconsin, Sue Olson has lived and breathed horses for 49 years. With a passion for horses, many a mile was spent on the back of a horse, wind in her hair and mane in her face.  Later in life she met and married her love, Derrick Olson.  Their blended family included 3 children, Sasha, Ryan and McKayla. In 2005, Sue and Derrick began a Morgan horse breeding program known as Rafter Bar D Morgans. In 2015 they introduced Friesians into their breeding program and their first Moriesian (Morgan x Friesian) foal was born in 2016.  With over 70 foals born at their ranch, their foals carry the RBD prefix and span the globe, with foals throughout the United States, France, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Austria, Puerto Rico, and Australia.

Sue is also the founder and owner of Ranch Life Naturals, a natural hair and skin care product line, made in the USA, for people, horses and dogs. She is passionate about horses, and making dreams come true, through the shared love of the horse.

Making a difference in the lives of many with her product line and sharing their horses around the world make’s her heart sing.

Making dreams come true~

Raphael at 2 1/2 years old and thriving!